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C++ is a general-purpose programming language which has evolved over the years and is used to develop software for many different sectors. This book will be your companion as it takes you through implementing classic data structures and algorithms to help you get up and running as a confident C++ programmer.

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Most humans when sorting—ordering a deck of cards, for example—use a method that is similar to insertion sort. Algorithm Every repetition of insertion sort removes an element from the input data, inserting it into the correct position in the already-sorted list, until no input elements remain.

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input: s h e l l s o r t e x a m p l e 13-sort: p h e l l s o r t e x a m s l e 4-sort: l e e a m h l e p s o l t s x r 1-sort: a e e e h l l l m o p r s s t x \(h\)-sorting demo In iteration i , swap a[i] with each larger entry h positions to its left

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An analogy of the Insertion Sort is to insert a new card in a hand (Poker). Two members of the Exchange Sort family are Bubble Sort and Shell Sort. Two members of the Selection Sort family are Straight Selection Sort and Quick Sort. Two members of the Insertion Sort family are Simple Insertion Sort and Tree Sort. Learning goals of the games: Recognizing properties of sorting algorithms and understanding related concepts, such as: stable, in-place and big O notation. Both games use 2 decks of cards: 1) Algorithm deck: Contains names of sorting algorithms. 2) Special card deck: Contains criteria related to sorting algorithms.

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So, insertion sort is the fastest (interestingly, this can vary from machine to machine. On my Mac in 2009, selection sort was fastest). If you look at the inner loop of insertion_2_sort, there is one place where it can be improved: it is always checking to make sure that j >= 1. We can fix this by sentinelizing: we traverse the vector before ...

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