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For WWII, approximately 1,700,000 Thompson Submachine Guns were produced by Auto-Ordnance and Savage Arms, with 1,387,134 being the simplified World War II M1 and M1A1 variants (without the Blish lock and oiling system).

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• The full technical data package of a reverse engineered M1A1 Thompson Submachine gun. The drawings are shown as individual operation process sheets showing the dimensions for each separate cut on an individual drawing. • The cycle of operations of the M1A1 with illustrations.

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Thompson Submachine Gun Non-Firing Replica. The Thompson Submachine Gun is an American firearm developed in 1918. The gun found popularity during the Prohibition era among mobsters, finding its way into American popular culture. This high-quality non-firing replica includes moving trigger and removeable drum magazine.

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A Thompson M1A1 is a select fire submachine gun from Earth. It was one of earlier automatic weapons in Earth history. An alternate Lt. Colonel Mitchell travelled back in time to stop Ba'al from altering the future where he would conquer the Earth. Andrew Chittock/Stocktrek Images – Thompson Model M1A1 Submachine Gun. Photo Print (88,39 x 58,42 cm) Title: Thompson Model M1A1 submachine gun.

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These Thompsons are all being sold by Morphys on October 30, 2018: Model 1921 (transferrable), Model 1921/28 overstamp (transferrable), and M1A1 (pre-86 dealer sample). Having gone through the whole series of Thompson submachine guns, not

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M1A1 Thompson 1928 WW2 type SubMachine Gun features a removable 20 round metal mag with fixed wood furniture and gun black heavy alloy action. Thompson submachine gun (POV-Ray,C4D,OBJ) Description. The POV-Ray and C4D scenes contain both the model and textures. The OBJ file only contains the model without ...

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