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The SSL protocol is deprecated and should no longer be used. Also TLS v1.0 and TLS v1.1 have known vulnerabilities and their usage is deprecated in all major browsers by 2020. TLS v1.2 and TLS v1.3 are considered best practice for secure transmission of data.

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It can only work with non-forward secrecy ciphers, obviously, and only if is started before the client do the initial TLS handshake (eg, just restart the client). Forward secrecy cannot be decrypted after fact, so don't waste effort. An example of ciphers that can be decrypted are the "AES256-SHA" openssl cipher group.

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This becomes apparent because the CAs listed in the "Certificate Request" as part of the TLS handshake contains X (not Y or Z) To get around this, I created a new CAfile that contains X, Y & Z and set ssl_options.cacertfile as well as management.ssl.cacertfile to point to it.

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Ever since I discovered it, I've preferred tshark as a means of extracting information and stats from a packet capture, particularly when that information needs to be communicated onwards via email - it's far better to provide simple tabulated data than 40 odd screenshots trying to highlight what you mean.

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The entry about 3.0 seems to say that there is zero chance it > will work between Debian unstable and stable :-( Once most systems have switched to NRPE 3.x using its SSL support instead of Stunnel will be an option again. In the mean time you need to disable the NRPE SSL support between the incompatible versions.

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The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Handshake Protocol is responsible for the authentication and key exchange necessary to establish or resume secure sessions.On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 02:52:53PM -0500, agforte wrote: Hi there, > I have the following setup: > > PRIVATE SERVER <--> NGINX <--> PUBLIC SERVER > > I need the NGINX server to work as both reverse and forward proxy with SSL > passthrough. That's not going to work without a lot of patching of the nginx source. nginx is not a forward proxy.

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