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This course is an intermediate to advanced learning of game development using Unity software. The course has been divided into logical modules that will help you learn the advanced concepts of Unity Game Engine.

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Matthew Hughes and Andrew Johnston. 2020. URack: Audio-visual Composition and Performance using Unity and VCV Rack. Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Birmingham City University, pp. 321–322.

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I recently made 2d simplex noise based coherent noise in GLSL. [Here] is the shader toy. I wanted to make an implementation of simplex noise on the gpu in order to get better performance than the ...

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var corners = ( Noise(x-1, y-1)+Noise(x+1, y-1)+Noise(x-1, y+1)+Noise(x+1, y+1) ) / 16; var sides = ( Noise(x-1, y) +Noise(x+1, y) +Noise(x, y-1) +Noise(x, y+1) ) / 8; var center = Noise(x, y) / 4; return corners + sides + center;} /** * @return {number} */ function Cosine_Interpolate(a,b,x) // 余弦插值 { var ft = x * 3.1415927;

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Deixe os artistas entenderem os indicadores, se quiserem. frente Era uma vez, lutei na guerra acadêmica que mudou STEM para STEAM. Atualmente, meu ativismo vai para a igualdade de transgêneros. Em certo sentido, as lições duramente conquistadas da política do “cérebro esquerdo” versus “cérebro direito” foram uma boa preparação para eu lidar com o binarismo […]

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The “Degradations / Noise [Perlin]” filter implements the generation of the Perlin noise, a very classical noise model in image synthesis, used for the generation of elevation maps for virtual terrains. Here we propose a multi-scale version of the original algorithm, with up to four simultaneous variation scales. Mirage v1.5 Manual - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free.

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