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首先添加两个组件 运行后我们可以发现大致的联机已经完成 玩家移动 然后我们再添加一个移动的脚本,写入代码。 最后我们打包出来测试下,我们把Unity当作服务器和客户端,把打包...

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使用Multiplayer Networking做一个简单的多人游戏例子-1/3 使用Multiplayer Networking做一个简单的多人游戏例子-2/3 使用Multiplayer Networking做一个简单的多人游戏例子-3/3 上一篇中血条还没有同步到所有客户端,下面添加血条同步.主要用到[SyncVar]同步变量.

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它们也可以是Unity类型,如Vector3和用户定义的结构,但是对于结构SyncVars的更新将作为单片更新发送,而不是结构内的字段更改时的增量更改。一个NetworkBehaviour脚本最多可以有32个SyncVars - 这包括SyncLists。 当SyncVar的值发生变化时,服务器会自动发送SycnVar更新。

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需要同步的变量需要加上SyncVar特性修饰,且变量需要是基本类型成员变量而不是class、list或者其他集合。下文给出的代码描述了这一特征。 public class Player : NetworkBehaviour {[SyncVar] public int health; [SyncVar] public string playerName;}

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Time to rewrite step 2 (again) In the second multiplayer blog we focused on creating a mockup to show how to pass variables around when changing scene. Now's come the time to update the LocalPlayerDataStore class (where we store the local player's settings when changing scenes) and the PlayerDataForClients class (how was send and read all player's settings, and keep them in sync).

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Unity 3D实现帧同步技术. 笔者介绍:姜雪伟,IT公司技术合伙人,IT高级讲师,CSDN社区专家,特邀编辑,畅销书作者,国家专利发明人;已出版书籍:《手把手教你架构3D游戏引擎》电子工业出版社和《Unity3D实战核心技术详解》电子工业出版社等。 When a player on the server takes damage, all of the players in the game need to be told about the new health value for that player. This seems simple, but the challenge here is to make the system invisible to developers writing the code, efficient in terms of CPU, memory and bandwidth usage, and flexible enough to support all the types the developer wants to use.

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