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Dec 14, 2020 · Unraid OS allows sophisticated media aficionados, gamers, and other intensive data-users to have ultimate control over their data, media, applications, and desktops, using just about any combination of hardware.

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The files are moved to a different location, and I have just realized the issues is not with the file themselves they preserve their original ownership and permissions, the problem is that the directory structure that was created to move the files to is owned by root with only rx permission for everyone. so this means the files contents can be edited but the files cannot be deleted or renamed ...

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May 07, 2020 · Hi, My purpose is to be able to quickly modify some files in bulk on windows mapped network drive ("//UNRAID/syncthing_test") but ran into permission problem. I installed Syncthing on UNRAID (via docker container), a PC, and a Laptop. All latest version 1.5.0 I have created Unraid share (/mnt/user/syncthing_test) with “Public” permission. It is mapped to syncthing container “/sync/”. I ...

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Sep 30, 2013 · The admin can even debar the previous owner from approaching the folder or file after abducting ownership from it. Also, it may allow full or restricted privileges to one, some or all the user accounts to access the contents. By following these simple steps you can take or transfer ownership of the folders or files protected by NTFS permissions: Jan 01, 2017 · # lsof |grep mydata_nfs lsof: WARNING: can't stat() nfs file system /mydata_nfs Output information may be incomplete. su 3327 root cwd unknown /mydata_nfs/dir (stat: Stale NFS file handle) bash 3484 grid cwd unknown /mydata_nfs/MYDB (stat: Stale NFS file handle) bash 20092 oracle11 cwd unknown /mydata_nfs/MPRP (stat: Stale NFS file handle) bash ...

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ACLs and extended attributes for files are easy to use in Linux and go a long way in securing files. Vincent Danen goes over some of the basic file protection enhancements provided by the Linux ...

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Aug 21, 2017 · Note: if you want to have access to your files on Ubuntu, you must change the permission of the folders and contained files you want to access by doing in the apple terminal: sudo chmod -R 755 Folder "Staff" group should have appeared in this folder's info. You can do this on Music and Movies to access these files from Ubuntu. Editing fstab

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