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2:V2—VRRP Version 2 3:V3—VRRP Version 3 S:Short-Path-Fwd—Short-path forwarding is enabled State This device’s VRRP state for the virtual router. The state can be one of the following: Init—The virtual router is not enabled (activated).

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vrrp_script chk_httpd { script "pidof httpd" interval 2} vrrp_instance VI_1 { # The interface keepalived will manage interface eth0 state BACKUP # How often to send out VRRP advertisements advert_int 2 # The virtual router id number to assign the routers to virtual_router_id 51 # The priority to assign to this device.

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In GLBP, there are 3 states in a group: active, standby, or listen. Members of a GLBP group elect one gateway to be the Active Virtual Gateway (AVG) for that group. It also elects one member as...

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Configure a Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) device's priority for becoming the master default device. The device with the highest priority within the group becomes the master.

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Oct 12, 2015 · vrrp 20 20 track-association 1 vrrp 20 20 admin-state enable vrrp 100 100 priority 255 preempt interval 1 vrrp 100 100 address vrrp 100 100 track-association 1 vrrp 100 100 admin-state enable VRRP Backup ip load vrrp vrrp 20 20 priority 100 no preempt interval 1 vrrp 20 20 address vrrp 20 20 admin-state enable vrrp 100 100 ...

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• STATES Specifies the groups, by VRRP router state, that are displayed. Options include: • <no parameter> displays data for groups in the master or backup states. • all displays all groups, including...

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