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The Touareg Electrical System. Design and Function. Vehicles with off-road capability are no longer just utility vehicles for a limited group of people. This Self-Study Programme is designed to help you learn about the electrical and electronic systems in the Volkswagen Touareg. S298_052.

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Now I have water appearing under the carpet in the driver's footwell I have checked the drainage points for the sunroof (all four of them to be on the safe side) and taken the arch liners off the front arches and cleaned all the muck and debris from behind it (yuck!!!), but cannot find any obvious means of water ingress from there to under the ...

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The best way I"ve found to isolate water leaks is to fill a spray bottle with water, put about a cap of dishwashing liquid or car wash soap. Put the heat on in the vehicle full blast, windows all the way up etc. Procede to spray around all the seals and gaskets that lead into the cabin, you'll get a bubbling where the leak is.

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View online or download Volkswagen Transporter Instruction Manual, Manual ... Interior Light in Front of Passenger Seat/Boot Lights. 52. ... Volkswagen Touareg 2013

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Pull back the carpet in the passenger side footwell, and, once the carpet is pulled back, you will be looking for a small black rubber hose that goes from the heater box, and pokes thru a rubber grommet in the firewall, towards the engine.

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The substantial Touareg has the feel of a premium SUV, with sharp handling and a luxurious interior with wide, supportive seats that deliver all-day comfort. The only engine is a 3.6-liter V6 ...

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