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If a parent fails to comply with the provisions of a custody or visitation order and the other parent wants the court to enforce those provisions, the parent must file a court action against the other parent.

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This Handbook for Parents was produced by the Vermont Office of Child Support to: Help you understand how child support works in Vermont. Tell you about the services we offer. It is not a comprehensive guide to child support laws, but rather a reference tool to get you started.

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Joint physical custody means the child or children reside with both parents. In the case of joint physical custody, if one parent will have the child more than half of the time, then that parent can be labeled the primary custodial parent for tax and other purposes.

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Multiple Child Support Cases: If a noncustodial parent has more than one child support case, all cases meeting the criteria for offset are submitted. Any money collected by the Offset Program will be divided among the noncustodial parent’s certified cases. Criteria to Remove a Case from Tax Offset Certification:

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If there is a change in circumstance, such as the child no longer living with the custodial parent, you will need to file a modification petition with family court as soon as possible. The child support program keeps track of when payments are due and paid.

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Jan 02, 2017 · The longer the custodial parent waits to request child support, the more likely it is that the court will not award retroactive support. If the non-custodial parent makes child support payments before a formal order is in place, it’s also important to keep detailed records, including using a receipt book that the custodial parent signs or keeping canceled checks to show the money has been paid.

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