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Free NCLEX Practice Questions ▼. NCLEX Question of the Day. No matter how much you prepare for the NCLEX-RN® exam, there may be topics you see on your test with which you are unfamiliar. In other questions you are required to use critical thinking skills to figure out what the answer choices...

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NCLEX Practice Questions. 1. A patient tells you that her urine is starting to look discolored. Immediately see a social worker. Start prophylactic AZT treatment. 9. A new mother has some questions about (PKU). Which of the following statements made by a nurse is not correct regarding...

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51 year old patient. After the transferred flu, subfebrile temperature is maintained for 3 weeks. I went to the clinic again. Complaints of weakness, loss of strength, cough with scanty sputum, shortness of breath at rest. With auscultation on the right in the upper part of the lung, weakened breathing is heard.

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The NCLEX Prioritization Questions: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory In Nursing In tackling the NCLEX prioritization question, we use Maslow’s theory as a blueprint to decision making. Abraham Maslow theorized that human needs are satisfied in a particular order, and he arranged human needs in a pyramid or hierarchy. 2. Some patients are nervous when they see a nurse. 3. Some patients are nervous when they see doctors. 4. Наша палатная медсестра очень хорошо делает уколы. 1. Our ward nurse makes injections very well.

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In total 14 questions, 5 questions are YES-NO-NOT GIVEN form, 4 questions are Sentence His team aggregated the findings from decades of anti-depressant trials, looking for patterns and trying to see what was changing over time. First, the volunteers were placed randomly in one of three groups.

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A nurse checks a client’s oxygen saturation by using a bedside sensory probe. The client has pneumonia that is currently being treated with antibiotics. When the nurse places the pulse oximeter probe on the client, the first reading she notes is 89 percent. Which of the following actions should the nurse perform first? Questions Nclex Rn Content Study Guide " Uploaded By Dan Brown, pharmacology pharmacology for nursing care 100 nursing pharmacology questions to help you pass the nclex exam nclex rn review nclex practice tests nclex questions nclex rn content study guide as you such as by searching the title publisher or authors of guide you

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