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Processes of Word Formation Ingo Plag explains the process of word formation in Word-Formation in English : "Apart from the processes that attach something to a base ( affixation ) and processes that do not alter the base ( conversion ), there are processes involving the deletion of material. ...

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Another word for forming. Find more ways to say forming, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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Morphological rules of word formation are complex. Yet every speaker of English knows them and uses them to form new words such as uglify or squishable or linguisticism, and to understand words not heared before, for example, the first time one hears the word Chomskyan.

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meaning of this word form (2006:290). Plag (2003:13) states that word formation is the process in which new words are created on the bases of other words. Yule (2010) divides the word formation process into ten categories as follows; (1) Coinage, the invention of totally new terms; (2) Borrowing, the process of taking over words from

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Processes of word-formation (enriching the Lexicon) 11 Processes of word-formation There are systematic word-formation processes that take place across human languages. Depending on the language, some of these processes may or may not be available. But the result is the same: New words are always created and added to the dictionary of the language.

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