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SEQUENTIAL VS NON-SEQUENTIAL RAYTRACING Key differences between these modes [2] are: •Sequential raytracing •Mainly used for designing imaging and afocal systems •Rays only intersect each surface once and they follow specified sequential order •Each surface has its own local coordinate system •Non-sequential raytracing

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Dec 20, 2013 · Volumetric data sets are acquired by recording sequential A-line data during the constant rotational motion of the mirror and mechanical pullback of the probe at a speed of ~200 μm s −1. This instrument has been used to collect three-dimensional photoacoustic and ultrasound images of rat colon in vivo.

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注意和建议 ZEMAX 中有许多样例文件是用到混合模式功能的,大多数在 ZEMAX &gt ; Samples >Non-Sequential > Prisms directory。 要熟悉ZEMAX 中的混合模式,你可 能想要打开其中一些文件,看NSC 编辑器中的物体的定义,出口位置和大小,序列口径 的定义,等等。

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zemax培训教程总教材-课件(PPT·精·选).ppt 下载后只包含 1 个 PPT 格式的文档,里面的视频和音频不保证可以播放,查看文件列表. 特别说明: 文档预览什么样,下载就是什么样。

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I have a non-sequential system and I use a detector to study the light distribution. Fine, but how do I do a tolerance study, it seems to be available only in sequential mode. I just started using ZEMAX a few days ago, perhaps I am missing something obvious? Thanks guys. oh, no flames, please. ZEMAX is what I have to use. I also used OSLO in a

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12 02.07. Illumination simple illumination calculations, non-sequential option 13 09.07. Physical optical modelling I Gaussian beams, POP propagation 14 16.07. Physical optical modelling II polarization raytrace, polarization transmission, polarization aberrations, coatings, representations, transmission and phase effects 15 23.07.

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